Technology ahead of time

3 reasons to become a shareholder of DAGNet:
  • Yield. Stable monthly yield for shareholder of  DAGNet. rs
  • Readiness.The product is ready. The technology is implemented and applied.
  • Reliability.Control by the SEC and Hong Kong regulatory authorities. 

Attracted investment in the project:

DNT Token

The DAGNet Token (DNT) is classified as “security” and is proposed to be acquired, including by accredited US investors. To purchase a DNT token, you need to go through KYC. After verification, you will be offered ways to pay for the DNT token. When you pay for Ethereum, tokens are credited automatically to the wallet. When paying with Bitcoin, as well as with the help of USD, EUR, tokens are credited within 24 hours, on Ethereum the wallet that you specified when passing KYC. If you are planning to invest in ICO DAGNet from a Legal entity, please contact us by mail at to conclude an investment contract.

What is the benefit of DagNet shareholder?

The yield on DNT tokens is formed of the commissions for transactions in DAGNet. If there are 100,000 active DAGNet platform users, the estimated annual yield on a DNT token will amount to 60%. You can get more detailed information in the unique commercial offer of DAGNet.

Our partner program

To encourage active participants in DAGNet ICO, there is a partner program that pays 10% of the funds attracted personally.

Ways to buy DNT token

On this website

A token purchase is the company DAGNet through Your personal account with the passage of the KYC or in person from representatives DAGNet, when making an investment agreement.

On the Huobi exchange.

Here you can also sell your tokens. Purchase / sale is carried out for VTS, USDT and USD.

In the personal Cabinet of partner CryptoBankOne
Purchase only for VTS. An extensive MLM program is provided

Token Structure

Token price: 1 USD
Token format: ERC-20
Issue: Total, 30,000,000 DNT
Methods of Buying Tokens: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Fiat currencies
Category:  Security
Yield: From 60% per annum. Formed from conducting transactions in networks DAGNet
Banking systems of interested persons
Blockchain projects

Distribution of collected money

  • 27% Industry marketing

  • 5% Creation of a DAGNet data processing center

  • 15% Server network development and its integration with banks

  • 13% Opening support offices in 100 major cities around the world

  • 15% Development of a DAG devices network

  • 15% Ensuring fiat liquidity on the accounts to interact with banks

  • 10% Partner program

Road map

4th qtr of 2017
Beginning of DAGNet technology development (Anonymity blocks and increasing the speed of transactions, service units)
3rd qtr of 2018
Preparation for scaling the DAGNet technological solution
1st qtr of 2019
Formation of additional data processing centres (server and DAG network device) of the DAGNet system
3rd qtr of 2019
Formation of a partnership network consisting of 5,000,000 DAGNet users worldwide
2nd qtr of 2018
First application of the system in CryptoBankOne and obtaining intermediate results. Full integration of DAGNet in the system of CryptoBankOne settlements
4th qtr of 2018
Conducting test transactions of Fiat currencies
2nd qtr of 2019
Opening support offices in 100 major cities around the world. Scaling the system to attract users

Technical characteristics

DAGNet is a unique innovative technology, unparalleled at the moment. This technology will undoubtedly be widely used shortly, which will allow its investors to receive significant dividends over a long period.
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A possibility of being used for third-party services (fiat transactions)