Alexander GordeichikIT Founder of the DAGNet Project IT founder of DAGNet. Russia.

Fields of competence
  • Certified software architect and specialist in information security
  • Analyst of the blockchain technology and its commercial application
  • Programming of decentralized  data distribution and transmission networks
  1. Alexander has a higher education in the field of information technology and business.
  2. He possesses knowledge of unique technologies of programming, has many certificates in programming and Internet security systems.
  3. He was awarded in international competitions of inventors.
  4. Over the past 3 years, he has been working with cryptocurrency systems, the latest server software, and with neural networks. He has developed several specialized server frameworks that can operate with high load. Programming experience using PHP, JavaScript, Type Script, Solidity, С++, C#.
  5. He helped create and manage network and operational infrastructure in such diverse fields as science, telecommunications, media and finance.
  6. Having more than 15 years of programming experience, Alexander created a lot of scalable and fault tolerant systems over years. Now he is destroying technological frontiers and is taking much effort in unexplored frontiers of cryptography to provide unique opportunities to DAGNet investors.
  7. Information technologies are his life, and Alexander strives to consistently study the latest methods and techniques to ensure that the systems he creates operate with utmost safety and effectiveness.

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