Aleksey PonomarenkoCEO of the largest cryptocurrency project – CryptoBankOne.
Consulting expert of the Digital Economy Committee of the Russian Federation.

Fields of competence
  • Analyst of the blockchain technology and its commercial application
  • Using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies during the organization of international financial markets
  • Experience in managing cryptocurrency projects for more 5 years
  • Successful investing in the world’s leading IT projects
  • Vast experience in the application and use of blockchain and decentralized technologies
  1. Aleksey has two higher educations: Legal and economic, which allows him to develop successful financial projects effectively and in accordance with all statutory regulations and to take them to the highest levels of performance.
  2. He worked for more than 7 years in the Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation.
  3. At present, he is heading the largest cryptocurrency project of the CryptoBankOne.
  4. He is an expert and blockchain leader of the cryptocurrency community in Russia.
  5. Aleksey is also an adviser to a large number of successful cryptocurrency projects.
  6. He is an active investor in the flied of cryptocurrency and Internet technologies.
  7. Aleksey knows how to derive maximum benefit from innovative technologies to create innovative solutions in favor of digital economy of the country and the world.

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