Edward HanVice President of the DAGNet project in the Pacific region. Bitcoin Finance Expert. China

Fields of competence
  • Participation in development and implementation of decentralized data storage and transmission technologies
  • Introduction of IT solutions on the market of China
  • Investor in several cryptocurrency projects (ICO) in the field of blockchain
  1. Edward has a bachelors degree of the Yianbian University of Science and Technology.
  2. He worked in different countries, from New Zealand to Finland. He held senior posts and even worked as a senior researcher. He worked with the largest industrial and innovative enterprises.
  3. Chinese and Korean languages are his native languages; Edward is also fluent in English.
  4. Due to his deep knowledge of Chinese cryptocurrency community and understanding of blockchain projects, Edward has relevant experience and knowledge allowing effective implementation of IT solutions on the China market and investing in promising projects in the field of blockchain.

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